FAQs about Egg Donation

FAQs about Egg Donation

What are the risks and possible side effects of an IVF cycle?

Bloating, moodiness, sensitivity and, in very small number of cases, OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).

What if I have had an abortion or Tubal Ligation in the past?

Women can undergo egg donation if they have had abortions or a tubal ligation in the past.

Can I be a donor if I have tattoos and piercings?

Donors with tattoos and piercings are eligible, however (due to the risk of infectious diseases), Egg Donors must wait six months to one year after receiving a tattoo or body piercing before they can undergo egg donation.

Can I exercise during the egg donation process?

Egg Donors are expected to refrain from engaging in strenuous exercise from the time they begin stimulation hormones through a couple of weeks after the retrieval to avoid any medical complications.

Can I take birth control pills?


Can I be on Depo Provera or have an Intrauterine Device (IUD)?

Egg Donors must remain off of this medication for several months before they can donate. Egg Donors who have had an IUD insertion generally may donate without removing the IUD if it does not release any level of hormones. IUDs, such as the Mirena IUD, that release hormones may have to be removed prior to egg donation. Be sure to inform Conceptions Center if you have an IUD insertion.

Once I become an egg donor, how long is the match process?

Because choosing an egg donor is an extremely personal decision, the time period for a donor to be matched with the right family varies. It can happen as quickly as the same day. It may take a month or more. This is a very emotional process for the recipients and they are always looking at donor profiles for their perfect donor.

How long is the entire donor/recipient IVF process?

The calendar for egg donation cycles depends on availability and the timing of yours & the recipient’s menstrual cycle. For these reasons, a cycle can take place from a few weeks to two months or more.

What is the compensation and will I be taxed as an egg donor?

First time donors will receive $5,000 compensation. We do offer an incentive for repeat donors. Conceptions Center is responsible for reporting donor compensation to the Internal Revenue Service. You will receive an IRS Form 1099. It is the sole responsibility of the donor to include the form 1099 when reporting income to the IRS. If you are participating with an out-of-state/area cycle, you will receive reasonable travel expenses (airfare for you & a companion, hotel, taxi/shuttle service and Non-Accountable/$50 per overnight stay as Flat Rate Per Diem Meal Expenses).

How many times can I donate my eggs?

Conceptions Center follows American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM) guideline of a maximum of 6 donations per individual donor. This is to limit the number of genetically related children that may meet as adults, and to protect the health of the donor as well.

How much will it cost me to donate my eggs?

There are no out-of-pocket fees to the donor for participating in our program. Any out of town travel expenses (if needed as part of the IVF cycle) will be paid for by the prospective parents and arranged by Conceptions Center. Your insurance (if applicable) will not be billed for any costs related to the donation.