Note from an International Recipient

“I cannot recommend Conceptions Center highly enough. Starting out on this journey was quite daunting for me at first. I needed donor eggs and sperm to realize my dream of having a child and had so many questions about how to go about this, particularly given the need to travel overseas. So many unknowns, so many questions, and all made even more daunting by the need to travel overseas and trust in an unfamiliar system to realize my dream. And then my contact started with Adrian at Conceptions Center and all my worries went away.

What at first seemed to be quite daunting turned out to be a seamless and exciting process and that all came down to Conceptions Center’s expertise, care and ability to coordinate services, particularly for those traveling from overseas. The success rates of the program gave me hope as did the testimonials from those who had been on this same journey.

Adrian’s coordination efforts have proven to be second to none- her efficiency, sensitivity and professionalism means that you have an immediate sense of being in good hands. She explains the process in detail, answers any queries in a way you easily understand and in a timely manner, and makes you feel she is with you every step of the way. Her liaison between all parties ensures that all concerned knows what needs to happen next and she keeps you updated throughout the entire process. The impressive care provided starts from your very first contact with Conceptions Center and continues right up to and beyond your trip overseas.

I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and caring service to assist me to realize my dream and am very grateful for that support and assistance.”

Anonymous Parent, Sydney