For Prospective Parents

home-links_loginParent RegistrationConceptions Center for Ovum Donation (Conceptions) is here to guide you through the donor egg IVF procedure, from start to finish, and our intent is to smoothly facilitate the process so that you may focus solely on your potential upcoming pregnancy. Here at Conceptions, we emphasize the importance of confidentiality, sensitivity, communication, and support with our clients.

All of our Egg Donor applicants complete detailed profiles and must meet specific requirements to be accepted in our Egg Donor program. These special women must be between the ages of 18  and 30, in good health, non smoker and non drug user. In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), our Egg Donors may not undergo more than six egg donations. Since egg donation involves a serious time commitment and requires a woman to undergo medical procedures, it is customary to compensate an Egg Donor for her time and effort and is Conceptions’ policy adhere to ASRM’s Egg Donor compensation guidelines.

Our Egg Donor Database allows Prospective Parents to view Egg Donor profiles and photos for all of our available Egg Donors. It includes information regarding each Egg Donor’s medical, family, and academic background, as well as adulthood and childhood photos of each Egg Donor. There are no fees for limited-access of database, offering brief Egg Donor profiles and photos of each Egg Donor.

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