Frozen Eggs Bank

Using frozen eggs provides you with an additional pathway to securing your ideal donor, in the event travel or timing becomes an obstacle.

Conceptions Center screens and prepares each egg banking donor in the same manner you find with a traditional egg donor cycle. We work with our fertility provider partner to stimulate your chosen donor and proceed to egg retrieval. Instead of attempting fertilization right away, we’ll freeze the mature eggs and store or ship them for later use by you.

If choosing eggs from an anonymous frozen egg bank is your preference, we can also help to accommodate your needs. While there may be a limited selection of frozen eggs on inventory, you’ll find that Conceptions Center provides you with the ability to choose your ideal donor from a database of over 200 available candidates. This option allows you the opportunity to reduce wait periods and eliminates the need for you to “settle” on any current frozen egg inventory.

In most cases, your chosen frozen egg cycle (with customized donor selection) can be completed in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Whichever pathway best suits you, Conceptions Center looks forward to helping build your family. Please contact us to review the options available to you.

You can view the donors who have frozen eggs available by going to our detailed search page and doing a specific search for “frozen eggs”.