Prospective Parents’ Fees

Notes from Parents

“Many couples are getting married later in life and we were no exception, so as a result we tried to start our family later in life. After years of attempts at inseminations, IVFs, miscarriages, adoption agencies and all of the emotions that come along with these challenges, we tried Conceptions Center and we became pregnant… Our advice to anyone struggling to start a family, do not wait as long as we did, call Conceptions Center!”

Recipients L & Y

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Estimate of Fees

We completely understand the financial burden when undergoing fertility treatments and, as such, will strive to minimize your costs whenever possible . While donor compensations will vary slightly among metropolitan markets and previous donor experience, you can expect approximate costs of $11,500-$14,500, which will include:

  • Conceptions Center Administrative Agency Fee
  • Donor Compensation
  • Donor Psychological Evaluation
  • Donor Insurance

An estimated overview of clinic fees & inclusions will be provided upon your donor selection (average $15,500-$17,500).

Please contact Adrian for more information.



Conceptions Center can only offer estimates of the costs involved with an egg donation cycle. Actual costs incurred by your cycle might differ from estimates given.


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